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I'll have to concur with the Decelerator pad choice... by far and away the best choice for your M94BB in .444.  Hands down.

Now, about turning the throttle up on the .444 Marlin cartridge in your Winchester BB.   OUCH!!! That rifle already kills on one end and permanantly cripples on the other!  The recoil transferred from the Winchester is far more obnoxious than that of its Marlin contemporary.  I don't even like the thought of trying to push that 280g pill at 2650-2700 fps.  even if it was safe!

I've worked loads extensively with the .444 over the years, and the only powder that has delivered the kind of velocity thresholds we are discussing here within pressure limits was RL-7.   Other powders spiked pressures long before reaching the 2500 fps threshold with the .432"-280g WFNGC bullet... scarry pressures too I might add with certain powders.   RL-7 on the other hand continued with a nice steady, predictable curve to that 2500 fps level... but on heavily compressed powder charges!   I doubt you could seat and crimp the bullet with much more under it!

Lastly, why push it to 2650-2700 fps?   The .444 lever action carbines were never intended for much over 200 yard use.   I really doubt that there's anything in N. America that would notice the difference in that extra 150-200 fps... except perhaps your shoulder!   Too, I don't like the idea of S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G the pressure envelope that far!

Well, I'm an admitted .444 junkie, but I think you're asking not only too much from this cartridge, but perhaps for a whole passle of trouble as well wanting 2650-2700 fps out of a 280g WFNGC bullet in a .444 Marlin chambered gun.

My opinions of course, FWIW!

God Bless,

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