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Ditto on that Marshall,

I'm running about 2200 FPS with a 444S rifle and that seems fine by me. I could imagine what 2700 FPS loads would be like! LOL

You are talking about 3000 ft/lbs of muzzle energy at 2200FPS with this bullet already. And with that meplat design/diameter would leave a devastating wound channel.

Can't ask for much more than that out of this rifle. Let the bullet/meplat diameter do the work for you. Any further increased bullet weight will help with penetration but the 280 seems to be a good balance of penetration and velocity. IMHO

The Winchester may or may not be able to stand 50,000 CUP loads over the Marlin's 40,000 but why use loads that pound the crap out of you and the gun like that?

I'd do some load testing and settle for a load with good accuracy and velocity and let that nice flat bullet take it from there.

Welcome to the Board, Craig!




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