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I have a 44 lever action from marlin and matched it with a redhawk and super blackhawk, both in 44 mag. It is nice to have this round coming out of 3 very different firearms.

As for the bigger stuff, marlin talk is a website but I forget the link. The have a big bore section for a forum. A search on 444 and marlin 450 and 45-70 will turn up a lot.

Your choice depends partly on what you are planning, if you don't reload, the 450 marlin seems pretty good. If you want to use 44 magnum bullets the 444 works well. If you handload the 45-70 seems to keep up awful well.

Some of this depends on what you want for round count and rifle type. I think there is a really long barrel octagonal barrel 45-70, holds 6 or more rounds in the tube I think. Maybe up to 8 in the tube and one chambered.

Now in ohio, this round is absolute overkill as deer hunting uses a shotgun and slugs, my current favorite big bore by the way. :)

But the bigger kick, bigger bullet, and more destruction to reactive targets is calling my name.

I am all done with the need area. Want seems to keep my wallet empty.

But marlin talk is an excellant place to research stuff. Heck, one guy took a 45-70 to africe for some serious useage of that round. :D

I am just trying to be ready when the circus lets the elephants out on a rampage in my little town.
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