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I've often thought of the same treatment but with a 445 Super case instead.

This would be a fascinating round, sort of a "modern" version of the 357 Herrett or 35 Rem. No real custom dies would be needed, just use the B&D dies to partially size the case and then a carbide 44 Mag die to size the lower part of the case as needed. You'd just need to set the B&D die for correct shoulder placement when forming new cases.

Might have length/feeding limitations in a levergun but think they could be worked out. Simply run a B&D reamer in deeper for rechambering as needed.(Provided it's one without the rim counterbore)

You would also maintain basically the full capacity of a 44 Mag case by using the Super case as the necked portion would be beyond that length roughly.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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