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44mag to hot load?

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While going through my ammo stock and cleaning it up I noticed this. About 15 years ago I loaded 4 boxes of 44 Mag. 240gr cast SWC with 17gr Blue Dot. At the time my data said 18.5 was max, now Lyman list 15.5 as max. Did they make the powder hotter or the data more conservative or was the 18.5 a typo? :confused:
My question is what do I do with it ? I hate to have to pull all 200 rds. Any comment, other than don’t load more than you shoot, would be appreciated.
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Yes, it seems the manuals have certainly changed. As an example:

Sierra - 240 jacketed - 16.9 gr BlueDot max @ 1300 fps

Hornady - 240 Jacketed - 15.0 gr Bluedot max @ 1350 fps
Nosler - 240 Jacketed - 15.0 gr Bluedot max @ 1390 fps

Different lengths of bbls and types of primers would play into the equation and these figures are for jacketed bullets vs. cast. You can generally load cast a little higher than jacketed and still stay within pressure limits, but the above does indicate that perhaps 17.0 gr may be a little warm in your handgun. We're assuming these loads are for a handgun?
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