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I have a box full of collectable cartridges,that I would be willing to sell or trade.
Does any one here,have any military 45/70 cartridges that he would be willing to sell or trade?

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my cartridges

I am interested.Can you identify them?
You will have to bear with me.I have pictures but I always have problems posting them.I'll postany that you show an interest in.
I have:
45/70 Winchester military,no headstamp;identical to 1882-86 (405 gr bullet)
N\May be 'end of contract'ammo after bullet was changed to 500 grains.
Also may be commercial ammo made to mlitary spec.
Union Metalic Cart Comarked UMC SH 45 GOVTblack powder
UMC SH 45 GOVT smokeless powde
USC CO 45 GOVT smokeless
other oldies:
43 Spanish no markings
same cartridge;11.15 Reformado nomarks,hand made,crude
7.65mm Belgium Mauser FN 1927 & 1938 in a clip Ladestrifen no#1
7.65 Argo(same cartridge) 1946 San Francisco Arsenal
45ACP Rem Umc 1918 25 rds
30/40 Krag(30Army)WRACO ball rounds(no date)
8mm Lebel Toulouse arsenal 1818
8mm Lebel Paris arsenal 1918
303 British Mk VII Dominion Cart.Co. 1916 Swiss Vetterli UMC Bridgport CT
That' most of my early military.
The rest are mostly commercial or / and newer
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