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I looked at it with QuickLoad and my 1895G. Using an OAL of 2.555", an arbitrary Pmax of 42.0K (same as the 444 Marlin vs. SAAMI 28.0), and loading to NMP (85% Pmax).

42.3-grains, 36.0K PSI, 1690 FPS.

Use safe reloading practices and use this information at your own risk!

This being said, I've attached an image of my experience with the QL (estimate) against RSI pressure trace equipment results (actual) using my 1895G equipped with a strain gage, my TLC460-425-RF (425-grains) bullet, and H4895. I have not shot H4198 with this heavy bullet but would expect the data results to be similar (very close).

Note: 52.6-grains of H4895 would give you the same pressure and almost 100 FPS more (1777 FPS at 59°) than the H4198 does.


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