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Hi,this Is Nutcase,i Was At A Shooting Match,and There Was A Man I Was Talking With He Told Me I Could Fire 45-70 Ammo In My Shilo Sharps 45-110 He Said Like 44spl In 44 Mag Or 45 Lc In 454 Someone Pl Tell Me Th Ed

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I am 60 YOA and in my younger days I was told of and saw a few instances of someone shooting .45-70 ammo in a .45-90 when .45-90 ammo was unavailable. I never saw a target to indicate how accurate that would be. In your instance there are a number of circumstances to consider.

First, the amount of "free-bore" is going to be considerably increased. That would allow considerable build-up of black powder residue, if black powder loads were used. If smokeless powder were used, that would not be a consideration.

Second, in the case of smokeless powder, the bullet is going to travel considerable distance without sealing the barrel, as it will be traveling in the case recess, which is greater than the diameter of the bullet. Those hot gases are going to get into the very closely cut chamber. That cannot do it any good.

Third, there is an extremely wide variety of pressures to which .45-70's can be loaded. I am aware of factory rounds being used 45 or 50 years ago that were loaded to low pressures. Some of the new loads exceed those by double, or perhaps more.

Fourth, if you are shooting a Shilo Sharps in .45-110, you are hand loading for it. I can't see an advantage to shooting .45-70's in it, except for convenience of buying factory rounds. Those are considerably more expensive than your handloads.

Overall, I would think that, while possible, it is not a good idea to chance ruining the chamber in that expensive rifle.

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