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I have a mold that throws the fine Saeco 350 grain gas checked bullet. I've cast and shot 300 or 400 of these and found them to be mighty accurate at the 100 yard line.
Today I was out testing a bunch of 115 grain bullets for the 25-06 at the 300 yard line. To keep myself from being bored silly while the 25-06 cooled between 10 shot strings, I had the 45-70 with the above mentioned 350 grain bullets loaded to a velocity of 1947, to plink away at 300 yards.
It was fairly accurate but not consistantly so. It could be the quality of the cast bullets but, but I think the wind and distance had more to do with it.
My question is...Would I be better off loading up some 445 grain gas checked bullets for the 300 yard and beyond distances?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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