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Had I responed to this post last week I would have said 4198. I load 29 grns of 4198 for my 405 grn cast bullet. It equals the velocity of the army trap door load, about 1300 fps.

But that was last week.

I read the article in the last issue of Handloader Mag ref: trail boss powder and tried it this weekend.

Per advise of the article, I loaded my 375 H&H with 75% of the case from the bottom of the seated bullet. I used a 270 gr jacketed bullet and was amazed. Mild w/a velocity of 1340 fps.

Nice thing about Trai Boss, you dont need filler to fill up the case. I havent figured out how much TB needed for the 45-70, but its on the list with my 416 Rigby and my 44-90 Sharps Bottleneck (in an old remington 1876 Rolling Block).

Trail Boss opens up a whole new world in reloading.
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