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45-70 powder?

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Well, as you might tell, I am getting into reloading the 45-70.  Any preferences on powders?  I plan on shooting 405 gr SP and 405 gr laser cast, and maybe some 330-350 gr Laser cast.  My manuals all show RL7, 3031 and 2495BR as good choices.

Any opinions?

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I tried H332, 3031 and RL7 with jacketed bullets.  All gave good velocity and groups.  What do you have the most of?

None.  I'm well stocked with bottle necked rifle powders (RL22, RL25, AA2520, H414, H4895) and pistol powders (green dot, red dot, 2400, 231, 296), but none in that medium fast burn range that the 45-70 seems to like.  I would prefer to go buy 5-8 lbs of one powder and use it exclusively.

Tom: Re7 and 3031 and H322 are all pretty good choices that span the mid to highend loads. It took me a long time to find a source here but don't overlook 5744 for a lower to midlevel powder. I also found it to be relatively inexpensive compared to some other powders. besto
How about Varget?  There is some data for it on Hodgdon's site.

Hey BCStocker,
   Glad to hear you found some 5744! How do you like it? I didn't have any straight-walled cases to try it in, but it worked great in all the cartridges I did try. I really like it.           ID

PS- Tom, Varget should be very similar to, but just a touch slower than H4895. At least it behaves that way in my .308 and .30-06. Might be a little slow for 45-70.
Tom   I have used lots of different powders in the 45-70. My current favorate is AA2230. 44 through 49gr of pwdr will give a velocity range of about 1532fps through 1741fps with a 400gr jacketed bullet. I use 46gr of this powder with both cast and jacketed 400gr bullets. Don't over look those pistol powders either. Since you have 296 and 2400 on hand try 30 gr of 296 or 28gr of 2400 with a 300gr cast bullet. CCI250 primers used with both of these powders. You will find the 45-70 to be a very flexable cartridge to load for.
IDshooter: Well I took a little road trip to the East Koots. a couple weeks ago to attend the Wildlife Fed. Annual Meeting. Drove the Mrs. wild because I insisted on stopping at every gun shop in every town on the way. Picked up Re 19 and 22, 2 lbs of 5744, some 300 Savage brass. Only 14 hours driving each way to accomplish that. Oh yes, I also got to the meeting. I like the 5744 just fine so far but as it is still snowing here almost every day am not getting to the range as much as I'd like. It is working well though in both the 45-70 and 30WCF. besto
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