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gun runner said:
Any body got a shot shell load for the 45/70? Loaded some up years ago and put the data in a safe place, and havant found it since. Makes a nice close range shot for small game and birds for the camp pot. It seems it was the same load used in 1oz loads for a .410. any help?

Gun Runner

This is a bit late, but here's a load, 9-10 grs Unique, seat felt "Wonder Wad" down onto powder, fill case with #9 shot, seat gas check upside down over shot, crimp. With the rifled barrel the pattern opens up very quickly, it's only effective to about 15 to 20 FEET.

For small game loads, try the round ball or "collar button" bullet loads. Very quiet, accurate, very little meat damage. Good to about 30 to 50 yards depending on how your gun likes the loads.
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