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I have 2 Pedersoli 1874 Sharps in both 45/70 and 40/65. Both have long 32" octagonal barrels and are superbly accurate, posting about 1.5" 10 shot groups at 100 yds over a bench.
Reloading and cleaning are not the tedious chore most would have you believe. For hunting I use a duplex load of 7gn IMR4227and 49gn FFG black for a load that can go about 40 shots before cleaning. Target (BPCR silhouettes) I use 68gn Swiss FFG and clean after each 10 shots.
Cases are dumped into a jar of soapy water immediately after firing, rensed at home and dried then tumbled for perfect shiny brass every time.
Lyman make 40/65 standard dies and one pass of 45/70 cases in the FL die will form 40/65. The smaller bore certainly kicks about 40% less than the 45/70 for the recoil sensitive.
For reloading DON'T size the projectiles, just use as cast. If you buy a Pedersoli then stay with Remington brass as the head size at .498 is smaller than the .503 of Winchester brass. The Pedersoli chamber is very tight and is matched to the Rem head size.
There is a ton of fun to be had from casting, loading and firing a cartridge that you made yourself.
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