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45 ACP. Is it the weight or the diameter?

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I have tried unsuccessfully to research this and frankly, I give up. Perhaps I should stop thinking about this. I’m really fond of the .45 acp. I generally carry one for self defense in various configurations. My wife says I accessorize.

There are of course different weights of projectiles from 185 to 230 grains. In that respect which is best for stopping a threat? The lighter grains feel like they recoil less, but is it the heavier bullet that does the trick or the diameter that causes the larger permanent wound channel?

I absolutely believe that accuracy is the best way to stop an attack and that caliber is probably not relevant. So is bullet weight relevant?
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The Miami/Dade FBI Shootings in the early 80's brought a lot to light. The ammo they had chosen for their 9mm was "probably insufficient. " A 38 +P would have probably also have been. There is more that went wrong there than can be covered in a single thread here. I was never a fan of the 125 gr. Silvertips they carried in .357 and would have much rather had a 158 full house load.

As has been said, the largest diameter/heaviest bullet you can comfortably handle (and conceal) is your best choice. I CC'd a 45 ACP for years with no issues after shooting close to 150K rounds with a 225 gr. SWC. I moved to 9mm and now 380. I've carried a bunch revolvers too.

An earlier poster placed accuracy low on what was needed....I agree to disagree. You need to be able to shoot whatever you are firing in an accurate manner. As I age, I am seen as less of a threat, so I am more likely to take cover and fire from a defensive position rather than an offensive one. Not my ideal scenario, but it is what it is.

Practice with what you carry and be confident is my biggest suggestion. A gunfight is probably never a pretty picture and you definetly do not want to get the silver medal.
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Some really cool info here! Just saying!
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