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You're right about our offerings on the .45 ACP bullets, they are scant.  The 225g FNB BB bullet shoots like a house afire, feeds through virtually anything and penetrates like no tomorrow.  However, it would be a better hunting bullet with a wider meplat.  I have personally loaded the .432"-255g WFNPB bullets using AA #5 and found an exceptional 965 fps load that will hit like a brick!  Feeds well in my modified 1911's.  Reports of good performance in Glocks and Sigs as well.

As for the slim offering, it's this way.  There are a lot of good, machine cast bullets out there in the &#360.03 range, that are a whole lot of bang for the buck in a .45 Auto!  These guys making those bullets are delivering bullets that perform superbly in the .45ACP and it's velocity/pressure thresholds.  I can't see us trying to reinvent the wheel when there is such a good selection of great bullets already out there for very modest prices.

Feel like making the .45 Auto a heavy hitter, then by all means see if your gun will feed a WFN profile, and if so, never look back.  If you're just punching paper, get the econo bullets and have fun!

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