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If you are looking for a fight, go somewhere else. My best friend and I took out my Puma 454 and his 45-70 Guide Gun today. We came to an agreement right off the bat that both guns push a big enough bullet fast enough or can push one fast enough to get the job done world wide.
We took turns shooting the Puma and GG side by side for recoil testing and general feel of the guns.

The GG was very pleasant to shoot with Rem factory 405 grain ammo.
The Puma rocked you back quicker and harder than the 45-70. We were shooting Winchester 260 Partition factory loads in the 454.

Ended up shooting the pipe that held up out target with both rounds just because it turned into a game. We had a safe backstop, and no animals were harmed during our testing.

The 454 smoked right through the pipe with a big rip and tear coming out the back. The 45-70 penetrated 1 layer of iron, shed its core, and deposited the lead on the back side of the pipe. It was pretty neat how the jacket stayed in the pipes closest wall. The core left and the jacket just died right there.

Accuracy wise was very comparable. Both are plenty accurate enough for their intended purpose.

The 454 rocks more, but with the set ups we used, the GG weighs about 1.5 lbs more and has porting. My M92 is a bit easier to carry all day in the woods, and you wouldn't notice the recoil shooting at any game, but going out for an afternoons worth of shooting would require some 45 Colt style loads to protect the shoulder. It would also protect the wallet.

The 45-70 is a whole bunch cheaper to shoot with factory ammo. The 454 comes in close to $1.30 a pop with the top of the line stuff.

Overall, we decided that big bores are a whole bunch of fun, and the pleasure increases when you have more than 1 to play with. So, how was your Saturday??


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Cool!! Did your buddy want to go out and buy a 454 afterward? Yea those factory rounds get exspensive after awhile-that's why I reload for my 454!! :D Now I can't say that was a very fair test though, you were beating up on the 45-70 with cowboy loads;) ! Make your friend go ouut and buy those expensive high powered round and retest. See how much less recoil he gets then!!!:rolleyes:
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