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This is for a Uberti Cattleman, 45 colt, 5.5" barrel.

Typically we shoot...

250 gr LRNFP .452" dia
Remington Large Pistol Primers
6.8 gr. universal

I got 100 free Hornady 185gr XTP/JHP .451" dia.

I want reload them to clean the lead out of the cylinder and barrel after shooting the lead rounds. I don't have a really big leading issue but I do get some in the beginning of the barrel and the cone inside the cylinder.

I have the following powders... bullseye, universal, and clays.

I would like to use universal but I can't find a reloading receipe for 185gr JHP, only 200gr.

I have read that Unique and universal have very similar burn rates and in most cases can be interchangable.

Heres the recipes that I have found... all starting loads out of a 7.5" bbl.

200gr JHP
8.5gr Unique
847 fps.

200gr JHP
8.0gr Universal
915 fps - 9,600 CUP

185gr JHP
7.5gr Unique
615 fps

Judging by this info, could I safely use 7.5gr of universal w/ a 185gr JHP? I would imagine that it would give me approx 750-800ish fps? and low pressure?

These rounds would only be to shoot a few to clean after a session of shooting.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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