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For those in the know...why is the 45 colt NOT popular with the competitive crowd?  If the 45 can do what the 44 can and then some, it seems the 45 colt would be the superior ram slammer?

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For good accuracy at 200 meters, you need a long heavy for caliber bullet, so it is accurate, bucks the wind well, and has enough thump when it gets there to knock over rams.  This is true for any caliber.

The problem with the .45 Colt is same as what you have with .454, .475, etc., etc.  To get the long heavy bullet it has to weigh a lot and recoil starts to really add up.  The blunt profiles of revolver bullets bring down the BC and increase the bullet weight requirement even more.  You go heavier and heavier with bullet weight and pretty soon the recoil gets fierce.  Plus there are weight limits for the guns.

For hunting or a couple of groups at the range recoil is not necessarily a huge problem.  For 40 or 80 shots on the silhouette range in one day, it is pretty significant.

So even with the .44 you get into this a little.  .44 can get the job done with full-power 240 - 250 grain loads, but once in a while may leave a ram standing.   The bigger calibers just have to go heavier and heavier.

Hence the popularity of even smaller calibers, like wildcats based on the .223 and .250 Savage case.  Of course these are for single shots.

Plus over the years .45 Colt revolvers have quite often been found with .456-.458 chamber throats and .452 groove barrels.  Not the best combination for accuracy.

Anyway I'm sure that it can be made to work, but there are effective choices that are easier on the shooter.
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