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45 colt load

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Ruger Bisley Blackhawk 5.5" barrel. Will be shooting 250 gr XTP bullet. Available powders on hand:H110,Longshot, Titegroup,Lilgun,Universal. Looking for the most accurate load based on your experiences. Would like something in the 1000-1100 fps velocity. Running out of time deer season right around the corner. Out of my typical 255SWC bullets. Only bullet available locally (without ordering) is the XTP. FYI, I have had great results with the 255 SWC Hardcast with 21 grains lilgun. Looking for that mythical "magic load" with the XTP. Please help.
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My previous goto load with the .45 Colt is 23 gr. H-110 and the 250gr. xtp. I prefer to shoot 10 gr. Unique though as the recoil and fireball is pretty hefty with the H-110 load. I did find data for the 250 XTP down to 19 gr. but saw no real improvement with the load for accuracy. 10 gr. Unique has plenty of power to get good expansion and is more than sufficient for anything I'm shooting. I have recently switched to the 300 gr. XTP Magnum and have had better luck with the higher power loads and the jackets holding together. I've had 2 batches of the 250 gr. XTP's that de-jacket at 75 yards. I found out after that started happening occasionally that Hornady rates these to about 1400 fps and recommends the magnum at velocities higher than that up to 2100 fps.
Nice shootin. 8) Tested POI on my 300 gr xtp mags today and right on with the Blackhawk and carbine. ;)
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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