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45 colt load

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Ruger Bisley Blackhawk 5.5" barrel. Will be shooting 250 gr XTP bullet. Available powders on hand:H110,Longshot, Titegroup,Lilgun,Universal. Looking for the most accurate load based on your experiences. Would like something in the 1000-1100 fps velocity. Running out of time deer season right around the corner. Out of my typical 255SWC bullets. Only bullet available locally (without ordering) is the XTP. FYI, I have had great results with the 255 SWC Hardcast with 21 grains lilgun. Looking for that mythical "magic load" with the XTP. Please help.
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Yeah, the problem with H110 in that application is that the minimum pressure to get it to burn completely, is right at about the max anyone ought to ever think about running in a Ruger .45 Colt. A pretty fine line.

250/255gr. bullets can give some spectacular fireballs with the stuff! :eek:

I found that 300gr. bullets are much better combo with H110/WW296. The extra bullet mass helps the stuff get lit. Bisley grip only, though. The standard aluminum frame Blackhawk grip isn't any fun with heavy loads.
I'm not telling you it won't work. I'm telling you the muzzle blast and fireball will be spectacular, and unpleasant :eek:

300gr. bullets are MUCH quieter at max loads with that powder as you are burning less powder, and it burns more completely before exiting the barrel.

An extreme example is 500gr. loads in the .500JRH, vs. 300gr. in the same cartridge. The 500 gr. loads had a touch more recoil, but the 300gr. loads would literally blow everything off of the shooting bench. Not kidding!
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