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45 colt load

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Ruger Bisley Blackhawk 5.5" barrel. Will be shooting 250 gr XTP bullet. Available powders on hand:H110,Longshot, Titegroup,Lilgun,Universal. Looking for the most accurate load based on your experiences. Would like something in the 1000-1100 fps velocity. Running out of time deer season right around the corner. Out of my typical 255SWC bullets. Only bullet available locally (without ordering) is the XTP. FYI, I have had great results with the 255 SWC Hardcast with 21 grains lilgun. Looking for that mythical "magic load" with the XTP. Please help.
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After six differnt loads and two trips to the range today I finally found the right recipe 250 gr XTP, 26.5 grains H110, starline brass, winchester large primer. First group at 25 yards 1 1/8 ", (group on right) minor sight adjustment 1" group on second attempt(group on left). Keep it under your hat, don't tell the Nebraska muledeer about this-they only have nine days of peace left.
Great shooting! I just got a new Ruger Blackhawk Bisley 7.5? 45 Colt and am about to use Hogdons data to work up the same load. Did you get lucky and harvest a deer with that load, and if so how did the bullet perform? I have three boxes of the 250gr XTP so I am very curious about on game performance at the h110 speeds in 45 Colt.

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