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45 colt load

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Ruger Bisley Blackhawk 5.5" barrel. Will be shooting 250 gr XTP bullet. Available powders on hand:H110,Longshot, Titegroup,Lilgun,Universal. Looking for the most accurate load based on your experiences. Would like something in the 1000-1100 fps velocity. Running out of time deer season right around the corner. Out of my typical 255SWC bullets. Only bullet available locally (without ordering) is the XTP. FYI, I have had great results with the 255 SWC Hardcast with 21 grains lilgun. Looking for that mythical "magic load" with the XTP. Please help.
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Cheesywan, I have a Smith and Wesson 686 with 6 inch barrel. I was testing several powders, looking for something with a little less recoil than H110. I tried several powders, HS7, HS6, 2400, Blue Dot and one or two others. They all worked pretty well, getting 80 or 90% of the velocity of H110 (judging by trajectory). I had a four-position front sight for silhouette shooting on the pistol, and was testing out to 300 yards. All the loads shot well, some with half the recoil, it seemed.

Blue Dot was the only powder that I noticed produced the little burning specs on my forearm. Shooting with short sleeves, I would feel three or four or five hot little particles land on my forearm on the downwind side of the pistol. They were so small I don’t think I ever saw any of them. I had heard that the little colored markers in red dot, green dot, and blue dot are some kind of inert plastic or nylon. I assumed that’s what the hot particles were landing on my forearm, having blasted through the cylinder gap. I never experienced this with any of the other powders that I tried. It wasn’t a big issue, they didn’t really hurt, but they might have burned a little hole in a long sleeve shirt fabric.
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Cheezywan, let me add something to that. If I had been facing into the wind (and shooting without glasses) and had one of those hot little particles land in my eye, I would have been very unhappy. It might have been dangerous.
Based on all of that, your very best option is stop using Blue Dot.
Cheezywan, you are quite right. Luckily, I bought a big jug of HS7 before it was discontinued.

The OP was looking for the most accurate load.....around 1000 to 1100 FPS. There have been many good recomendations to achieve that. Unique, Herco, Longshot (Blue Dot?), and this distinguished list I would add Vit N350...all will meet the OP velocity goal with about half the muzzle blast of H110. And you can use 2400 to dial it up or down, as you please.

The most accurate load?...If I fired off two or three hundred practice rounds (over two or three weeks) of full power H110 from a 5 1/2 barrel, I am not sure whether my accuracy would get better, or worse.

Perhaps the OP could save his H110 for 300 gr bullets. They will plow a lot deeper hole in a mud bank than the 250 grs.
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