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These are from my older Speer book. Couldn't find anything on bluedot did find something on reddot thought maybe that's what you meant. Hope these help.

Colt Single Action
5 1/2" barrel
1-16 twist
W-W cases
CCI 300 primers.
200 GR Semi-Wadcutter

Greendot 8.3 gr 967fps
7.3 gr 844fps

Bullseye 7.5gr 974fps
6.5gr 846fps

Unique 9.5gr 1054fps
8.0gr 888fps

Red Dot 7.3gr 981fps
6.3gr 842fps


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From Alliant -

Blue Dot 13.0 grains COL 1.550" 925 FPS

That's a MAX load for a jacketed bullet, safe with a lead. Start about 10% lower, 11.7 grains, you don't need that velocity for CAS anyhow.

If you are going to use the Dots and their kin, I suggest you pick up a copy of Alliant's Reloader's Manual. Your powder dealer should have a stack of them. Cover price is two and a half bucks, but dealers usually give them away. Lots of information in there.

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