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I have a Blackhawk hunter in .41 mag and I really like the revolver. The only catch is that if you want to use a scope for load development or hunting, the $70 rings that come with the revolver will be of little use unless you limit yourself to a very short scope with very small ocular and objective bells. Kind of an annoyance. I don't own a Redhawk, but I've shot them in .357, .41, and .44. I have an overall favorable impression of the revolver, with the exception of the trigger. The same can be said of Blackhawks of any type as they come out of the box. I prefer the Bisley grip frame to the Blackhawk, and the Blackhawk to the Redhawk, which is probably why I don't own one. The longer cylinder of the Redhawk, as Andy stated, will allow you to concoct more powerful handloads. If absolute maximum power is your concern, this may be a consideration to take into account. My .45 Colt Bisley accuracy was greatly enhanced with lead bullet loads by having the cylinder throats opened up to about .453. This was especially helpful when using hard, heavy bullets. It increased the accuracy and eliminated leading, it also did wonders for my light factory level loads. I don't know if this would be required with the Redhawk, but it should be taken into consideration if you intend to shoot lead in it. The problem with the Blackhawk/Bisley, typically, is that the cylinder throats are smaller than the barrel dimensions. I haven't heard that this has been corrected as yet, but it may have been. It's a inexpensive madification, some even do it themselves. I'd say it's up to what fits you best, I prefer the single action Rugers to the doubles, and vastly prefer the Bisley grip to the Redhawk. If you don't want/need more than 1300fps with a 300-330gr bullet, any of the Ruger .45's will fill the bill as far as power goes.
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