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I agree with Rmouleart...

while the Redhawk is "strong like bull", the SRH is a simply a bigger, badder bull!

I've owned a 45 Redhawk, a 45 5.5" Bisley and own a SRH 454. In my hands, the 45 Redhawk was painful to shoot 300-325 gr. LBT's in the 1200-1300 fps range. The Bisley was more user friendly for reducing felt recoil. However, I do not particularly care for single actions (that statement could lead to my banishment! :D ) I shoot the SRH with high voltage 45 Colt ammo and it is far superior to either of the 45 Colt sixguns I owned prior to its purchase. Yes, it's big and ugly but it sure shines in the accuracy and recoil reduction departments.
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