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I was thinking of this same thing last knight

After running numbers and burning up a calculator over this same thing I would say your good to go out to about 50 yds.
I was molling over this for my up coming Mulely adventure, tring to get a load thats accurate and stout enough out to 100yds in my SRH 454 with 250/255 gr bullets. It just seems like I should be getting more or having more power in the loads than I see. But then I looked at the 44 Mag loads a couple of page ahead in the book and I see that them loads touted as Bear killers have less punch then my 45 LC loads!!
I too don't want to cripple a deer and loose it-been there done that don't ever want to do it again-worst feeling in my life

My feeling the .45 LC with a well made/cast bullet has all the stopping power you'll need if you put it where it needs to go!!
Like the man said" A man just gotta know his limitaions" :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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