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All this is quite interesting in light of the fact that my "stopping power" test was a miserable failure 8*)

All the powere in the world is useless when you miss the target!

As I reflect on my MISSfortune, I see that I made some errors along the way.

Having been a hard core arrow flinger for most of my life, I failed to put into practice one of the things I strongly advocat to new archers when I instruct Bowhunter Education...that is the simple fact that the brain goes through so many gyrations when a person is shooting at live animals that the very best training is to use the hunting bow for hunting small game. I believe that IF I had made it a point to do some serious small game hunting with the S&W, I probably would have not forgotten the finer points of trigger pull and would have probably made the shot.

Overconfidence played a part also since I missed a deer that I could have hit by flicking a booger at it. Again, any control of the handgun went out the window since I was not paying attention to the fine points of shooting. I hate it when I do that!

I am going to make it a point this winter to keep on punching paper but I am also going to shoot some rabbits and squirrels with the .45 so that I get past the tricks my head plays on me when the moment of truth comes up. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy in the field.

Leadflinger...your moose and bear were taken with the rifle? You cannot ask for better performance than that on those critters.

All my best,


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Sorry to hear about your cancelled hunt Chris. Know how that is I cancelled a Caribou hunt in 99, my family also came first, or at least my youngest daughter. She was born shortly after that.
Well any way, I load a lot of 300 gr WFN at a very moderate velocity. They are loaded over 7.5 gr of Titegroup. They shoot very well out of a 4 5/8 Vaquero. I load them for a friend of mine who is a Rancher and spends most of his time on his horse. This load is controllable and not to loud to blow some ears, horses mostly. This load has been used to take Bear, Deer, Coyote, Cougar, Steers, etc. One Steer was taken head on between the eyes the bullet went down the neck about 16" breaking bones all the way. This was at 10 ft or so.
I can't prove this on paper but that bullet just flat out performs. Wouldn't think twice about taking Bruins with this....

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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