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Get a normal roll crimp die for .45 Colt and machine or grind the end of it down where it will work with the .45 Auto Rim cases, etc. Doesn't have to be a fancy solution. With some care, a normal benchtop grinder can handle this task. Or any friend with a lathe. The grinder makes the end result look like 20 miles of bad road, in my opinion, but it certainly can be made to work.

Lee's arbitrary limit on the collet length is just that, arbitrary. They may be being cautious about the collet steel being flexed too far (failures might cause reloaders to gripe about it) but I've cut them down, and made my own collets out of various 'mystery metal' in the scrap box. As long as you aren't taking too much off the bottom end of the collet, to the point that you machine away what's holding the fingers together, it isn't that big of a deal (in my experience). Mind you, I don't do high production reloading with the end results. If a collet that I modified or made from scratch failed, I'd make another. Just the price of getting what I want.

But a roll crimp would seem to work equally well, if you can get a short enough seating die. That's probably the direction I would go. The seating die could still be used with longer cartridges. Just adjust in the press as needed.
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