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45 LC Bullets

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Hi, can I use .452 diameter 230gr lead flat point bullets in a Win 94 LC rifle? I got a bunch of bullets laying around and want to reload them for the 94. FWIW, I weighed the bullets and their average weight came out to 237gr. The data I've seen so far uses lead bullets of the .454 diameter. I plan to single load the ammo into the rifle for plinking. Will these bullets work for the 45LC?
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You can use them with no problem, especially if single loading. They should work OK in the magazine as well if you can give them a good crimp.
Check out Ken's Brass, he has some great 452 bullets for the 45 LC, in 250 and 300 grain weights. I have used some in 45 LC, 45 Win Mag and in 50 Cal Sabots for my muzzle loader.

Answered on another forum, but for anyone else reading, yes. They should work fine. Most .45 barrels these days are .451 to .452" as an economy measure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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