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I have been working with a Blackhawk with 45 ACP cylinder and found that 255 gr lead SWCs can be seated to a COL of 1.134 so that the bullet shoulder is flush with the case mouth. 8.3 grs of Longshot delivers 1125 fps from the 4 and 5/8s inch bbl with no pressure problems. This is over 700 FP, and unbelievably consistent over the chronograph.

It strikes me that a revolver with a very short cylinder and a 4 inch bbl would match the dimensions of some of the 3.5 inch snubbies out there, and be a very useful duty/defense gun.

Because of the bullet shoulder, 230 gr XTPs need a COL of 1.18 inches, but clock 1250 fps with 11.0 grs of Longshot, again at safe pressures.

The 45 stopper could be formed from shortened 45LC brass to eliminate chambering in an ACP firearm and offer lighter bullet weights...a 180 XTP could do over 1400 fps.

Any thoughts or comments?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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