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Hi, Scotty;
  Small pistol primers are the same size as small rifle primers, so I don't see a problem there unless you've used some over spec SR primers in those cases already. However, I haven't got a batch of over spec (too large in dia.) primers in years.

  (Note to newbies. Large pistol primers are .009" shorter than Large Rifle primers, but the same diameter. They can't stand as much pressure.)

  I'd be more concerned about available powder space. Also, the .454 brass could be too thick to seat a bullet deep enough after it's cut down. If you have to ream them, forget it. IIRC, an RCBS reamer die is well over a 100 bucks.

  I've got some .38 Special cases that I can't seat a 148 gr. wadcutter in because they're too thick past the seating depth of a round nose.

  Guess I'd seat some SP primers and see if they're snug enough. If they aren't you could cut back a few cases and see if your gun can fire SR primers. If your gun is a double action, try them that way because the hammer doesn't come back as far in double action, so it doesn't hit as hard.

  If it's still a go at this point, see if your trimmed cases weigh more than .45 cases. If they are, back off and work up again. Back off if you're using SR primers, just in case.

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