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Have you tried a different chronograph?

With revolvers especially, the shock wave from the b/c gap can cause faulty readings. I once got a reading of 1700+fps - from a fairly mild .45 colt load. Also in that string was a reading of 400fps or so.

I think that you meant 0.006" on the b/c gap, right? Sixty-thousands would be way too big.

At the pressures that you are getting in a Casull, the diameter of the bullets might make a difference for accuracy, but all bullets, even jacketed ones, should slug up and fit the bore. So that should not be contributing to velocity variation.

Did you try and factory ammo on that range session, and if so, what velocities did the chrono show with it?

Only other thing I can think of is, do you have a good tight crimp?
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