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Any idea what the pressure range is ?

God bless

The following are loads I have personally found most effective on pigs. All are in recent manufactured Winchester cases.Following are five shot groups.
Federal large pistol 24gr H4227 250gr Hornady XPT 1416fps
CCI 350mag LP 23gr H4227 250gr Hornady XPT 1436fps
Fed LP 23gr H4227 255gr custom mould 1435fps. Mould on the old 45 Colt pattern .454". The bevel base accepts a Hornady 45 gascheck. Lube/sized to .454 . Alloy is Stereo linotype one part to two parts of new ingot lead.
Another load of 10.5gr of Hogden Universal and the 255gr gave 1325fps. All the groups were shot from a standing post rest at 50yds. Next series off the bench to check the ultimate accuracy.The above work well on game . Have yet to shoot any game over 50yds with the above. Mostly closer as it is running game. More on the rifle setup and sights later.

Tried a Lee 300gr .452 pistol mould with CCI350 mag primers and 23gr H4277. Unfinished load development as groups need to improve. THe uniform velocity surprised me. An extremely clean burn with the magnum primers All loads had smooth extraction.
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