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Thought this might be of some interest.

I have had a Ruger #1H that used to be chambered in .458 Win Mag.  I had it re-chambered out to .460 Wby as a cheap way to get into shooting a big gun.  While a Weatherby bolt gun in .460 is over $1,200, I bought this gun used and after a re-chamber job that cost less than $100 I am into a .460 for just over $400.  

I have worked up some pretty stiff shooting loads for it with jacketed bullets.  My “normal” shooting load is a Hornady 500 gr. RNSP with 120 grs. of Accurate 4350 pushing it out at just under 2,700 fps.  I also load a Sierra 300 gr. JHP that was made for the 45-70 in front of 117 grs. of Accurate 2520 which sends it out right at 3,000 fps.

I had recently started getting into casting.  And although I hadn’t really thought of making lead bullets for the .460 I did see that Lyman lists a reduced load for a 550 gr. Bullet in the .460.  A friend mentioned having been given an Ideal .45 cal rifle mould and he doesn’t even have a gun that can use it.  I looked up in my Lyman book to see what it was and found it to be an old  375 gr. RN GC design. I decided it might be fun to shoot some reduced lead loads in the .460 so I ordered a Lee 500 gr. Mould, gas checks and the proper sizing die. I also got my buddy to loan me his Ideal mould so I could try two different bullets.  

Using straight wheel weights the Lee mould came out at 500 grs lubed and gas checked and the old Ideal mold produced a  397 gr. bullet after being sized and gas checked.

I first decided to use the bullet that was closest to the listing in the Lyman book so I only tried the Lee mould. .  The starting load is 20 grs. of Unique and the ending load in 28 grs. of Unique.  Working with a limited number of cases (they are almost $2 a piece) I just loaded up a few rounds starting with the 20 grs. and ending with the 28 gr. Load. Because I was dealing with the large case capacity and the charge of Unique no where near filled the big Weatherby case I chose to use a small square of Dacron stuffing to keep the charge against the flash hole.  

I ran them across the chronograph  and got:

Lee 500 gr. Bullet & Unique
20 grs. – 1157 fps
25 grs. – 1317 fps
26 grs. – 1337 fps
28 grs. – 1386 fps

I have since loaded up and fired some of the Ideal mould 397 gr bullets with the same 28 gr load of Unique.  I was just shooting them at about 50 yds at a steel gong just to get the feel of them and make sure they were worth continuing with. They shot well also and I will continue with them.

Next step is to get out and put some on paper to see how they shoot.  Below is a pic of both bullets loaded in cases along with loaded jacketed rounds (500 gr and 300 gr JHP) along with a .308 round for comparison.

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         I won't kid you, the recoil is heavy as the load chruns up almost 8,000 lbs. of energy at the muzzle. Compunded by the fact that it is fired from a non-braked gun that weighs under 9 lbs.

         I am 6'4" 230 lbs. so I can handle it better than some. Even with my size I get a good 2 foot of muzzle rise and if my weight isn't distributed right my forward foot will come off the ground. A few rounds aren't bad but when I was developing loads for it I shot 14 rds. in a short amount of time and I could really tell what I had done.  

          I have let a myriad of different shooters try it out and they usually don't think it is as bad as they suspected but most don't want another shot.  One thing is that the recoil is a big heavy push and not the sharp crack from the larger magnums in smaller caliber's.

         The heavy jacketed round are fun to shoot and really do some damage but I also wanted to come up with some lighter loads to plink with, hence the lead bulllet loads. I also was looking for something to do with the cases after I had fired them multiple times with the heavy jacketed loads.  Now I cna relagate them to lighter loads with lead bullets.
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