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This story can be found with a photo at Bowen Arms site: <a href="


Robbin" target="_blank">


Robbin</a> Blakeley of Sheridan, Wyoming, shared a harrowing tale with us of his recent brown bear hun in Alaska, armed with a .475 Bisley loaded with heavy LBT cast bullets.

After stalking to 40 yards of the bear in a blue berry patch, Blakeley fired a 425 gr. .475 slug through both shoulders, unfortunately without hitting bone enough to stop it from heading into the bullrushes, mostly small patches of brush and berries. After a careful (and nervous) search in which Blakeley and his guide drifted apart, the bear rose out of the brush just 20 yards from Robbin, growling and shaking his head. The next quick shot didn’t phase the bear who charged without hesitation.Coming through the thick bear grass, the bobbing head of the bear didn’t present much of a target so the next shot at 15 yards didn’t connect effectively enough to stop the rush either. Blakeley had time for one last snap shot which, mercifully took down the bear....on top of Blakeley who scrambled up in time to join the guide for a couple more shots to the neck to finish the job for sure.Rest assured that this brief paraphrase of his letter does not justice to his full account which would get anybody’s sphincter in a clutch. Our congratulations to Robbin for a magnificent feat of arms and nerves.
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