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475 GNR

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I just finished reading The Happy Kaboomer's experience with his Win.444 Timber Carbine (which I also happen to have and customized) but now am leary as to it's ability to last/holdup over time using the heavy loads with Marshall's fantastic loads!  Have any of you fellow big bore enthusiasts had or have any thoughts or experiences with Gary Reeder's Marlin Buffalo Hunter in 475GNR?  I've had the SS in 45/70 and know of it's strength. I've been told it edges out the 450 Ackley Improved.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  (as to why so big a caliber- I enjoy dreaming and don't mind recoil)  Thanks for all you great posts!
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I think the 475 GNR round is the sanest big bore conversion for the Marlin leverguns. It should really get a job done in quick fashion. More velocity in than the same weight bullets in 45cal. The 50 Alaskan is just too brutal to be enjoyable. All this from someone that uses a 45-70 in a #3 Ruger. The Ruger is lighter then the Marlins. A great little walkabout gun.
HI, I have a big  problem with someone saying that the 50 alaskan is to hard of a recoil,it is not. I must say it is stiff, but is very shootable, I have shot a 475 grain beartooth at 2060 fps from the bench for 50 rounds. I think if you have a problem with recoil in your mind before you even shoot, you have all ready made your  mind up . I think the 50 alaskan will prove it self down the road as one of the best stoppers around.

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