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I have recently purchased a rifle and 50 Alaskan, I am looking for any reloading information on this round.  In particular to reloading powders the ones that interests me are IMR 322, and reload No. 7 if anyone has any information on this subject please let me know.
 Thank you, Kev

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Kev....John Kronfeld did some rather nice load development for the .50 Alasken on a Winchester Mod 71. After trying various bullets, settled on two. These fed well and went through the loading port.
(1) With IMR 4198...485 gr LBT cast bullet
   55 grs @ 1827'/"
   61 grs @ 2009'/"
(2) With IMR 4198...450 gr Barnes
   51 grs @ 1712'/"
   55 grs @ 1905'/"
(3) With Reloader 7..485 gr LBT cast bullets
   53 grs @ 1711'/"
   59 grs @ 1892'/"
(4) With Reloader 7..450 gr Barnes
   50 grs @ 1683'/"
   59 grs @ 1994'/"
Regular rifle primers & 22" barrel
As always...start below and work up in your rifle.
Important!...Trim @ 2.1"!
Best Regards, James

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I have posted two loads for the .50AK in Loadswap.  While they are for an Encore pistol, they can offer a starting point.  Load data for rifles is available in the 9th Edition of "Cartridges of the World", (but limited) but more is available in "Wildcat Cartridges," Vol. 2.  Reloader No. 7 is about the best that I have heard about in the .50 AK, and certainly is working well for me so I don't feel the need to try another powder.  Excellent vels and accuracy.

When forming up from .348 Winny you will find that after you expand up and trim to 2.100" for fire forming, the case after firing will be around 2.085".  Do not try to form with a longer case, just let it shrink.  Don't be tempted to fire form with a long case hoping that afterwards your cases won't be on the short side.  Fireforming or normal shooting, a long case could jam into the throat and not have any room to expand and release the bullet.  Don't want to ruin a perfectly good rifle now do we?

 I had a problem with Winchester brass, but it is the only game in town that I can find.  It is very thin and about 25% of my cases were not sized enough by the sizer die to hold the bullet.  RCBS re-heat treated the die to shrink it, but it did little good.  A new die made smaller in the neck area cost around &#36127, but I found a great alternative.  Order a set of Lyman .50-90 reloading dies (&#3635)-they must be .50-90, .50-70 cases have the same OD as the .50 AK and won't work.  The seat die and expander you won't need (too long to work with the shorter .50 AK), but the .50-90 case is smaller in diameter than the .50 AK, and running the cases through the .50-90 sizer die sizes the top 1" of the cases perfectly.  Expand with the neck expander (RCBS) die and all the bullets have the same neck tension.

Good luck.
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