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.50 BMG Lead Bullets

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Ok Marshal, time for me to pick your brain.  I am interested in loading up some cast bullets in my .50 BMG, but I want full sized bullets for low velocity long range target work.  I am considering a bullet of 800 to 850 gr. weight, gas check, and of course, spitzer in profile and a "as cast" size of .511 to .512.  Have you ever heard of such an animal?  NEI comes close, but the bullet is .508 diameter, and &#36150 for a custom cut mold, ouch!, too much for something I'm not sure is even going to work.  Thanks in advance for any leads from anyone.

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I have done some checking on this one for you, that's why the delayed response on your post.   I had hoped to be the bearer of good tidings!  But as of right now, I don't know of ANY manufacurer of a cast, gas checked bullet of spitzer configuration, in full-snort weight for the .50 BMG!  Not even small, one man operations... I've done quite a bit of checking for you, and I come up with a dry well.... I'm really, and truly sorry!  

Walt Melander is very flexible, if not quite a bit backlogged in his work, and although a bit pricey, he would probably make the mold you are seeking.   I'm game to make the bullets, but I first need the demand...

Thanks for the post, I'm sorry not to have more, or better information to share!

God Bless,

Well Marshal, I do indeed thank you for doing so much work trying to find me this bullet.  I did a lot of research myself and drew a blank except for the one mold from NEI, which might end up being as close as I am going to get and I'll just have to bite the bullet (sorry) and pay the fee to have the mold enlarged to .512 and settle for a semi-spitzer.  Thanks again for the effort.

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Big Bore,

Lee has 2 molds for the 50/70 that look like they drop from the mold at .515 cal. Looks like that could be in your ballpark.

The bigger one is 500 grs. and has a flat meplat like an LBT.

Hey, for &#3615 it might be worth a try.


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Contender;  Thanks, if all else fails I may just have to settle for a lighter bullet with less BC and shoot at shorter ranges.  I have some LBT .512 bullets on order for my .50 Alaskan so I may just have to give them a trial run through the .50 BMG if I cannot find what I am looking for.
I think I found it Marshal.  NEI has bullet #368 listed a 508-855-GC, but they say it casts .002 to .003 over the .508 size, which would be very close to what I want.  And, I wish I had read closer before, they may be able to "fudge" the size up to .510 for a slight (&#3620) charge.  I am waiting to hear back on this, but assuming they can fudge this size, I may be good to go.  It has a calculated BC of .536 which should be high enough for some serious LR practice.  My next question for you is, do you think there could be any conceivable problem with shooting the GC bullet through the brake?  If the GC were to come off on exit of the muzzle, but before clearing the brake it may well play havock with the integrity of the brake.  Am I borrowing trouble here or do you think this may be a concern?  My velocity should be right at 2100 fps so I think a GC is going to be most needed, correct?  Thanks again.
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