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The big 50 may sound like a winner, but 45cal bullets are the performance kings in the accuracy dept. A 400-500 grain 45 bullet will outperform any 50cal offering. The 50-110 winchester died quickly as an example. Course it was launching a 300gr pipsqueak bullet at 2000fps that lost velocity like a tennis ball. There are many reasons the 45-70 hung around all these years while the other 45-90's and 50cal died. It is about optimum performance that can be comfortably handled in a light rifle without a set of wheels attached. In order to be proficient and accurate, you have to practice and enjoy shooting the round. The old saw of "I'll practice with light loads and save the heavy ones for hunting "don't get it in my book. A flinch is hard to get rid of once developed from noise OR recoil.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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