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6.5-284. or 25 wssm

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What is the differance besides the 264 having a belt. I've been reading about the 6.5-284 I here its tack driver I doubt ill ever shoot past 300 yrds soon. Also how does it stack up against a 25 wssm on ar platform? . I seen on savage makes a 6.5-284 but I figured I could always get a cheapo m98 have it reworked. Also is this case a 30-06 base or 308 ? . I think the 6.5-284 sounds catchy and odd so id like to have one.
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Well, let me assure you the 6.5/284 WILL shoot beyond 300 yds.

My 6mm/284 shoots MOA at 300 yds, so the 6.5 should have the ballistics to exceed it at that distance.
broom_jm -

I've got a Swede Mauser rechambered to 6.5x257 AI. Basically the 7x57 necked down to .264 and blown out to Ack Imp. Probably could have achieved the same result by AI'ing the 6.5x55, but it's always fun to have something to talk about at the range with the other shooters!

Oh, yeah - it shoots the 129 gr Hornady Interlocks and SST's into sub-MOA groups.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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