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6.5-284. or 25 wssm

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What is the differance besides the 264 having a belt. I've been reading about the 6.5-284 I here its tack driver I doubt ill ever shoot past 300 yrds soon. Also how does it stack up against a 25 wssm on ar platform? . I seen on savage makes a 6.5-284 but I figured I could always get a cheapo m98 have it reworked. Also is this case a 30-06 base or 308 ? . I think the 6.5-284 sounds catchy and odd so id like to have one.
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I know the 25 wssm is low on popularity but I do know varmit hunters use them. Have you seen the olympic arms wssm uppers? There about 800$ 24" as barrel. I don't like the looks of the savage either.
Oh I know it shoot way on yonder past 300 yards but I think 300 yards is my limit longest range here is 100 yards unless I find somewhere private. The closet 1k range that's public is 300 miles north of me.
Well maybe ill wait to see if remington makes a 6.5-284 in a cdl. As far as the 25 wssm goes it probably be the only ar id e er buy.
I read that the 25 wssm doesn't burn barrels like the smaller ones. Maybe im just a little bit of a winchester fan. Oh about a 257 Roberta? I see it has same. 473 rim dia as the 30-06 family. But there is a good selection of factory rifles in that caliber
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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