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6.5-284. or 25 wssm

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What is the differance besides the 264 having a belt. I've been reading about the 6.5-284 I here its tack driver I doubt ill ever shoot past 300 yrds soon. Also how does it stack up against a 25 wssm on ar platform? . I seen on savage makes a 6.5-284 but I figured I could always get a cheapo m98 have it reworked. Also is this case a 30-06 base or 308 ? . I think the 6.5-284 sounds catchy and odd so id like to have one.
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Winchester stop chambering the WSSM's a few years ago so that should say something. They have a bad reputation for not chambering rounds well at all. The Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter is chambered in 6.5-284 Norma. There is a bit a difference in it and the standard 6.5-284 Wincheater. The Norma is a little longer case with a shorter neck and a couple of other minor differences. Cabela's has these for 799.99 and on sale sometimes for 749.99. I love this chambering and want to get a Savage myself. They have the new Accustock as well as the Accutrigger, 26 inch tube, and an adjustable muzzle break.
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