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If you are referring to a 6.5mm68 with a rim the information below is useless.

The 6.5mm68 Schuler is a rebated case head with a case head of .520, a rim diameter of .511 and a case length of 2.680, the distance from the head of the case to the beginning of the shoulder is 2.037.

If brass was available I see no down side, the case has a long tapered shoulder with a short neck, the case body also has a long taper, both the case body and shoulder taper could be reduced, this would shorten the length of the shoulder and then lengthen the neck for more bullet hold, and the case could be shortened for mid length actions.

The 300 Win Mag is smaller in diameter at the case head meaning the powder column would be larger in diameter and slightly shorter than the powder column of the 300 Win Mag, that is a plus, but the cost of the dies, reamer and cases would discourage me from considering using the case as is or modified and or improved,

And if the case body and shoulder were blown out and forward the capacity of the case would be compatible to the 300 Win Mag and would be .060 thousand longer.

F. Guffey
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