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6.8 Rem SPC in a Contender???

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Any of you Gentlemen got a Super-14 Contender chambered for the 6.8 Rem? Any problems or recomendations? I am interested because my AR in 6.8 is super sweet and very accurate, I have a Super-14 in .35 Rem for 14 years, that is accurate but I cannot handle the recoil since the onset of osteo-arthritis in the last 2 years or so.


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I don't personally have any experience with the 6.8 SPC in a Contender Handgun. However I have had a few different 7-30 Waters Contenders over the years. Considering the case capacity and weight of the bullets commonly used in the 6.8 & 7-30 I would think that what applies to one will apply to the other.

Recoil is quite mild with the 7-30 Waters and accuracy of the 3 barrels I have had has been right at the 1" mark for 5 rounds at 100 yards from the bench. I have also found the 7-30 Waters to be easy to load for, and it was not to finicky about which powder I fed it.

I know I didn't answer you question, but I am thinking all of the above will also apply to the 6.8. A buddy of mine in Texas has a couple 6.8 SCP Handgun Barrels (I think one might be a 6.8 Improved if I remember right). I know he has been impressed with the cartridge but I don't have any specifics as per what loads he is using.

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