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7mm intl. rimmed  from 7-30 waters ?

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i have just bought some stock from a sporting goods store that is closing the doors for good. included was some federal 7-30 waters ammo,,,,can i use these as a fireforming load for my t/c contender in 7mm intl. rimmed ? or should i just pull the bullets and run them in the dies <!--emo&???--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'><!--endemo-->  is there a major shoulder setback difference here?   i would rather err on the side of safety,,,but...can i ?   45nut
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No good. The Waters case is 1.586" head to shoulder and the International is 1.483". Unload them and run it into your International die first. It has a steeper shoulder angle also. Form with a reduced/starting load also.

Pay close attention to headspace. If you see partially backed out primers with the reduced loads, you are pushing the shoulders back too far.

I've had this trouble with my 30-30 AI in the Contender. The cases cling to the chamber walls and only the primer backs out. I had to take factory ammo, pull the bullets, form a secondary shoulder on the case necks to the correct headspace and continue with fireforming. 30-30 case rims vary a lot in thickness and can't be relied upon to headspace correctly for fireforming operations. ESPECIALLY in the Contender.

Thanks for the's very appreciated. I was suspicious to say the least...but for less than a dollar a box it was worth buying them for the bullets and brass anyway.  I will pull these down and proceed accordingly.  Any tips for the 25-35  or the 357 herrett while we are talking contender ? I recently got these barrell also.   45nut

Sorry, I don't have experience with either except to say that I've heard that AA1680 is supposed to be an excellent powder in the 357 Herrett.

My 35's are 35 Rem and 358 Bellm in the Contender.

As far as bullets, I use the Hornady SSSP 180 gr. and the Remington 200 gr. Core-Lokt component bullet in the 35's along with cast bullets of course.

You might try to post a ? on Graybeards TC thread with regard to these cartridges in the TC.

Regards, Ray

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