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7mm Mag - Weatherby Sub moa or T/C Icon Classic?

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Looking for new rifle in 7mm mag. These two are the ones I've narrowed it down to. any opinions or owners?
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I had it narrowed down to the Vanguard & Icon last year in .308 , bought the Icon.
It shoots great , my ONLY complaint is that the mold I waited months for that cast a flat nose bullet & the bullet will not feed in the Icon.
It shoots 165 Remington corelock handloads just under an inch 5 shot groups & is what is going out deer hunting this year.
for range work get a single shot adapter if they make it for 7mm mag , it slips into the detachable mag & you just lay your round on it & feeds it right in ( unless it is a flat nose ).
I bought this rifle to use as a hunter class ( light production class ) cast bullet rifle & also to take the place of the Sako .270 I had to give up to get it . It is shooting a 311299 Lyman NICE , just need to do a little more testing with seating depth & primers IT IS A SHOOTER.
I did miss that .270 yesterday while trying to hunt speedgoats with a muzzleloader.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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