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7mm mag win m70 shooting problem

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anyone out there know why i'm shooting a ~0.75moa group at 100 yards and then the same bullets (remington corelokt 175 grain) are giving me ~6moa at 200 yards? are different rounds better for this gun?
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Might want to consider that 3/4" group at 100 yards too. Did you shoot a 3/4" group once, or each and every time. Your wiggles might have simply overcome your wobbles. Out of my Winchester M70 in 7mm Rem Mag, shooting 160 gr Nosler Partitions, I ONCE shot a 3 shot group that spanned 3/8" at 100 yards. That doesn't mean my rifle is a "sub 1/2" shooter". When it comes right down to it a hunting rifle that will consistently shoot into 3" at 100 yards will still do the job of harvesting the animal. If under hunting conditions you can shoot under 4" at 100 yards then you're doing really fine. I personally don't think you've got a bad rifle. Ohh, yeah, you might have a rubbing spot in your barrel channel that will throw aim off but as a rule, most any hunting rifle that will print 1 or 2 inch groups at 100 paces is a prize to cherish. If I sound like I'm slighting you or criticizing you then I apologize. It's not my intent. But we all need to be a little more honest in our shooting abilities ... and the presentation thereof. If you've a 3x-9x scope on the rifle, and it's set at, say, 4, then a 200 yard target will be that much more difficult to aim on and hit as easily as the same target at 100 yards. I kinda think broom_jm has it right ... the problem is the interface.
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