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7mm mag win m70 shooting problem

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anyone out there know why i'm shooting a ~0.75moa group at 100 yards and then the same bullets (remington corelokt 175 grain) are giving me ~6moa at 200 yards? are different rounds better for this gun?
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Another dumb, one-n-done question. Nobody asking that kind of question is handloading and I don't think there is a 7RM out there that won't stabilize 175gr bullets, with factory ammo. My guess is, he wouldn't know a minute of angle if you showed it to him in a science book and the only problem with this gun is the trigger interface unit.
Yeah, unless you're employing a scope that has MOA adjustments, discussing groups sizes in MOA isn't entirely appropriate; far better to say "I shot a 1 inch group at 100 yards" and avoid all the ambiguity. The problem isn't at 100 yards, or course, but when the ranges get longer...kinda like using yards and meters interchangeably.

In the case of the OP, it may be that his gun just doesn't do well with 175gr bullets, or that he isn't a good shot, or his version of "MOA" is less accurate than his shooting.
The standard twist in a Model 70, 7RM, is 1:9-1/4", which is plenty fast enough to stabilize a 175gr bullet, at the speeds factory ammo will produce. He'd have to load it much slower to create a problem, but since he didn't list the ammo he's using, factory or handload, let alone the velocity, we'll never know. :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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