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I just picked up my Winchester Model 70 in 7MM STW. The rifle come with the Remington Safari Grade ammo (140 gr.) Im having problems finding the ammo and will eventually reload as I get some brass.

If I have a mixed bag of brass (Federal/Winchester/Remington) how much difference can I expect from round to round loaded the same way?

I have read where some folks have had problems with the silver coating when reloading. Should I shoot up what I have and buy some different brass when I begin to load these?

Has anyone come up with a good load for the STW?

Just gathering up some information before I get started with the round. Any suggestions/opinions/experience would be greatly appreciated.


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Check the capacities of the different brands. Use something that won't compress, such as water. Easy enough to weigh an empty, then carefully fill it with water (leave the old primer in for this). Sometimes a fine ball powder is used for this comparison, but it can settle a little. If they very close you shouldn't see any difference in the pressure. There may be some other differences in the brands, such as how soon they need trimmed. Probably a reflection on the hardness of an individual batch.

Nickel-plated cases may split sooner. Also if the nickel flakes off it can scratch the inside of a die, so inspect them carefully. Other than that they should work fine.

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Congratulations ! I feel like the 7STW is just about the most perfect round out there for long range hunting on deer sized animals. I love mine.

You really should reload to take advantage of this cartridge.

I would recommend that you get yourself a few boxes of new brass. Get matching lot numbers. You can mess with all that mixed brass but why bother.

Silver plated brass has never bothered me either in rifle or handgun.

Just my .02.
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