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Since it appears no one else that currently has the 7TCU chambering in a rifle, how 'bout me giving you some info on a T/C carbine I USED to own?

Barrel length was 23", with a 1/10 twist.

I tried Speer 120 gr SP's, Sierra 120 gr SP's, Speer 130 gr SP's, Hornady 139 gr SP's, Nosler 140 gr Ballistic Tips, Nosler 140 gr Solid Base SP's and Barnes 100 gr "X" bullets.

The Sierra 120 gr SP's, over 27.0 gr H322 and a CCI 450 Small Rifle Mag primer was good for 2380 fps avg and .915" 5 shot groups at 100 yds. This was the best load of those tested.

Would I build another rifle in this caliber? Depends on what it would be for. This particular setup was for the Iron Shilou. shooting and worked reasonably well. It would probably make a decent whitetail round if the range was kept to 150 yds or less. The biggest problem was resizing brass from .223 Rem cases. Probably just me, but I had a fairly high discard rate trying to form the stuff.

No, I won't ask why you're interested in this cartridge.
Have 14 inch tc in 7tcu love
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